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Книга International Trade
Taussig, Frank William (1859-1940)
International Trade

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Taussig. International Trade; 400,41 Кбайт

Chapter 1. Three Cases
Chapter 2. Absolute Differences in Cost
Chapter 3. Equal Differences in Cost
Chapter 4. Comparative Costs
Chapter 5. Wages and Prices in Different Countries. Domestic Prices and International Prices
Chapter 6. Wages Not Uniform Non-Competing Groups
Chapter 7. Capital and Interest
Note on the method of handling capital and interest
Chapter 8. Varying costs; diminishing returns; increasing returns
Chapter 9. Varying Advantages
Chapter 10. Two Countries Competing in a Third
Chapter 11. Non-Mehchandise Transactions Tributes, Indemnities, Tourist Expenses
Chapter 12. Non-merchandise Transactions Further Considered Loans and Interest Payments, Freight Charges
Chapter 13. Duties on Imports and the Barter Terms of Trade
Taussig, Frank William (1859-1940)